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Word Description
bandwidth An amount of data transfer. Whenever someone accesses your website, an amount of bandwidth is used depending on the amount of data that was transferred.
cPanel A web-based, third-party application that lets you administer your web hosting account.
domain name Domain names are human-friendly versions of website addresses. Like postal addresses, house numbers and postcodes don't mean a great deal to humans, but they do to the postal system. Domain names provide humans with a more meaningful address of a website whereas computers translate domain names to a form that they can use, but that isn't very meaningful to people.
email An electronic messaging service that allows information to be transmitted and sent through the Internet.
FTP A method of transferring files over the Internet from one computer to another.
IP address Much like a postcode, an Internet Protocol (IP) address identifies a machine connected to a network. You can find out your own IP address by visiting a website such as
nameservers Defines where a domain and its services are hosted.
parked domain A secondary domain name that is configured to redirect to a primary domain e.g. ->
spam Unsolicited Commercial Email. Otherwise known as junk email. Email that is not solicited. Can also be described as the act of sending unsolicted email.
URL Uniform Resource Locator. This is a website address that appears in your browsers address bar e.g.
web hosting A service that allows a website to be published on the World Wide Web and made available for others to access.
webmail The use of email through a web browser.
website statistics Information about a website and it's visitors that allows analysis of many different aspects of how a website is being used.
website traffic The flow of visitors to a website.